Challenging addiction, abuse and poverty with yoga, mentoring and meditation. 



Future female leaders are growing up in our community right now. They are teen girls living with poverty, abuse, addiction. They are also strong, aware, and full of potential. They need a skill set, safe space, and adults who believe in them.


Root Studio serves girls 12-18 in Turners Falls, MA and surrounding communities. The girls have a range of needs, from basic care to life skills training to emotional support. Many need a safe, secure place to land between home and school.


The studio will be a physical and emotional container where girls find support, build skills, and connect to their own sense of safety and strength. One-on-one mentoring, and yoga and meditation-based skill building will support them as they heal from trauma, connect to their own value, and build resilience. The girls will have access to showers, laundry, healthy food, and space to rest. Root Studio believes in our girls, builds relationships with them, and helps them create new futures.

Andrea's Story

Andrea Chesnes, founder of Root Studio, is a strong girl from a tough background. Growing up in Chicopee, MA, her school life included bullying, silencing, and unsupportive adults. Raised by a single mother, Andrea’s home life was not much simpler. In her community, the impact of poverty, addiction, and unhealed trauma was evident.


Andrea was strong and self-sufficient, but the only skills she’d been given were to fight or withdraw. The more she did, the more the adults around her believed the worst of her– too rough, too stubborn, too wild.


Through the caring intervention of other women, Andrea trained in meditation and yoga. She used these tools to overcome the trauma of her early home and school life and developed a deep understanding of how these practices create a foundation for self-empowerment. At Root Studio, Andrea is sharing that wisdom and building a cohort of powerful young women who can change how girls think of themselves and what it is to be female in this world.



Root Studio is being built. But we can’t finish renovations and get our doors open without support from community members like you. Your gift will give our girls a safe space to build skills, get support, and take care of themselves and each other.


The studio will live at 51 11th Street in Turners Falls. We are transforming a motorcycle repair shop into the beautiful yoga practice space and home-away-from-home that the girls need. We're about $8,000 away from our fundraising goal needed to complete renovations and open our doors in September 2019. Your gift will go directly toward renovations—including new windows, floors, insulation, and heating.


In these challenging times, we know you probably feel pulled to give resources in many different directions. Root Studio is an opportunity to make a difference close to home, to show up for the girls right down the street when they need you most. Please help bring us home. Send us an email and let us know who you are. Thank you!



Andrea Chesnes - President and Founder

Jessica Gahres - Treasurer

Jenni Haley - Clerk

Becky Hawes-Sivitz - Director

Crystal Keldun - Director

Susan Miller-King - Board Member

Veronica Phaneuf - Board Member

Andrea Chesnes is the founder and Executive Director of Root Studio, Inc., a grassroots yoga and meditation based non-profit providing high-risk teenage girls with safe space, basic needs including showers, laundry and food. Andrea won the Valley Advocates 2019 Best Yoga award for her teaching throughout Franklin County. She brings this high-level of teaching and meditative practice to her girls in Turners Falls. Andrea is committed to the preservation of community in developing towns and ensuring all members have the opportunity to live happy and successful lives.



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